Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Entry 13: Using Quia

Do you ever get tired of grading tests and than analyzing the scores to see what the students aren't understanding? Well there is a program out there called Quia that will do this for you. Quia allows you to make your own tests using a variety of questions (multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, essay, chronological order, etc...) and than allows the students to take it online. Afterwards the students get immediate feedback with their scores and it breaks it down for the teachers as to how each student did and also what questions students struggle with. I do this frequently with evauluating IEP goals and objectives and it is great. Click below for the powerpoint notes over Quia and how to use it.

Powerpoint Notes On Quia

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Eric Langhorst said...

Just a little fun before the school year starts. I was tagged by two edubloggers and am now tagging you to share 8 random things about yourself.

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