Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry 24: Start Of The School Year

Tomorrow I begin my 15th year of teaching and this one will by far be the most interesting. For starters this summer I got married, so I guess this means no more long nights at school. I also gave up a broadcasting class that I have been teaching for the last 2 years (this should clear up a lot of my time because there was just so much to do to keep that program running). This coming year we also hired 3 new teachers which means my department now has 9 teachers and 10 paraprofessionals and this is not counting the students teacher I have. This year like every other year I have set some goals for my classroom.

- Updating this blog once a week with something new and great I have either learned, am currently using, or a share a great resource I found.

- Keep using the mp3 players in my classroom to have tests read out loud to make my life easier by not reading tests.

- Working smarter, not harder.

- Writing a grant for the adaptive PE class to get a Nintendo Wii to use in helping develop their fine and gross motor skills. Might as well put this technology to use huh.

- Last but not least, worrying more about being a good teacher than the paperwork that we all have to do.

These are my goals for the year, if you want I would love to hear about yours. I hope everyone has a great year.

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