Monday, August 25, 2008

Entry 26: My New Project

The last 4 years have been very hectic for me when it comes to my job. I am all about the teaming concept, but I was never fully on a team. I always worked with 8th and 9th graders, but this year is different because I am just working with 8th graders. This is nice because I am finally able to keep better track of the student's on my caseload and also apply some of the technology things that I have always wanted to do.

The one thing I have always wanted to do is take my blackboard website to a new level. This year only being on one team I am able to do this. My blackboard link is below and if you go to it you will see a few things.
- An assignments link. This link is updated everyday with what assignments or projects students have coming up in all of my teams core classes (math, science, social studies, and language arts). Believe it or not this only takes 5 minutes a day to do and it is so beneficial for the parents of my students.
- A review games link. I use this link for study games that students can play at home to get ready for upcoming tests. This should be a great way for students to get more prepared for tests coming up. Right now I have a link for students to go to a game to help them study for their states quiz.
- I will also have a tests link. This link will be the audio version of any tests that the students will be taking. So instead of myself or a para reading the test out loud, it can be done on my blackboard site.

I know I will be using this even more over the year, so keep checking back to it. The link is below.

My Blackboard Site

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