Thursday, June 28, 2007


The second session I attended at NECC was titled AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum. This session was presented by a few people that are associated with the American Film Institute and it was a step by step way to show students how to produce movies. What made this program unique is the fact that it is narrated by Sean Astin and even has some advice from Steven Spielberg. This video is absolutely something I plan on using in my classroom and especially with my broadcasting class. The best part of this program is that it is available from United Streaming for free. If you don't have United Streaming you can either sign up for the 30 day free preview or the AFI plans on producing this on DVD for purchase. I know I plan on downloading this from United Streaming because I can also get the teachers manual. Just some of the things they go over are: what a shot really is, the different types of lighting to use, how to shoot someone properly, and the steps that students should go through before maiking a film. I would highly recommend checking this valuable resource out.

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