Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NECC Report: The Baseball Hall Of Fame

Well I just got back today from the NECC Conference in Atlanta. I can sum up the conference in one word: incredible. There were so many great sessions that I was having difficulty figuring out how to blog about it all. What I am going to do over the next couple of days is blog about each individual session and give you the links so you can find out more yourself.

Let me go ahead an start off with the very first session I attended. It was called Sliding Across The Curriculum: Bringing Baseball Education To Students Electronically and it talked about how you could incorporate the Baseball Hall Of Fame into your classroom. I absolutely love baseball and was quite intrigued by the possibilities. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got there, but was really surprised by what they had to offer. The session was done by videoconference with James Yasko. I had absolutely no idea that the Baseball Hall Of Fame had lessons that would help teach children science, social studies, language arts, math, and even character education. Mr. Yasko gave us examples of what each lesson looked like and it blew me away how they were making the lessons fun and interactive by incorporating memorabilia from the museum. You can go to the Hall Of Fame museum to see what they have or you can have an actual videoconference with someone from the museum for a pretty reasonable price of $70. I know that the $70 sounds expensive, but from what I saw it is money that is very well spent. If this sounds like something you would like to check out click on the links above or you can even email James Yasko (the coordinator of the program) at

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